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DataGro.IO Consultancy - Data Delivered. DataGro.IO Consultancy is a unique platform that specialises in the provision of fresh, bespoke and targeted data; mainly for the purpose of lead generation and enhancement of B2B marketing campaigns. Our services include Linkedin leads, data scraping, Instant data purchase, telesales data and Excel help.
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Linkedin Lead Generation


You want to grow your business. But how do you do it without a dedicated lead generation team?

That’s where we come in. We’ll work with you to build a list of Linkedin prospects so that you can reach the correct professionals in your businesses target industry. We’ll add job roles, company names, contact locations and emails, so that you can start your marketing campaigns.



Contact Name


Marketing is personal. Personalising your marketing campaign is proven to increase the ROI on it. You need to target your sales pitch to the individual lead – and what better way than by using their name when you communicate.

Contact Location


Context is everything.  You need to segment your efforts by location if you are going to see a return on your marketing investment.  Drive efforts into companies who are within your prime sales area.

Contact Email


Get direct into the inbox of the contact who will sign off on your services.  Personalised, targeted communication directly with your potential customer – essential!

Job Title


You need the decision maker.  You need the person with the access to the companies budget  Why waste time? Learn who the CEO, CFO, HR manager (or whatever job title you need) is – & make the most of your lead generation efforts.

Contact Linkedin URL


A LinkedIn URL gives you the chance to connect to your prospect and start the conversation straight away.  LinkedIn Inmail and messaging is an excellent first step in making contact with your potential customers.

Company Email


Sometimes businesses are small and only have a general company email address. Adding the company emails ensures that you don’t miss out vital information about a company.

Company Name


Do your preparation by learning about the company before you make the first contact.  Target your approach and personalise your message, using the company name in your marketing materials.

Company Website


Part of your sales generation research should be to explore the needs of the company as prompted by the prospects company website.  We will provide you with the website url link for further analysis.

Company Telephone


Use the telephone numbers to kickstart telesales campaigns or have them ready, waiting for that sweet spot in your sales funnel when only a one-to-one conversation will move the lead forward.

With over 600 Million users across 200 countries, Linkedin is the  business focused social platform that can connect you to your specific target audience.

What Linkedin Filters Can I Use?

Use these Linkedin options to filter your Linkedin leads and really nail down your target demographic.

  • Location 
  • Industry 
  • Job Title – Current or Past 

  • Company Size 
  • Company Type 
  • Company Name – Current or Past

  • Function
  • Years at Company
  • Years in Position 

  • School Attended
  • Posted Content Keyword