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DataGro.IO Consultancy - Data Delivered. DataGro.IO Consultancy is a unique platform that specialises in the provision of fresh, bespoke and targeted data; mainly for the purpose of lead generation and enhancement of B2B marketing campaigns. Our services include Linkedin leads, data scraping, Instant data purchase, telesales data and Excel help.
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Growing your business is about action.  It is about well-directed efforts to get the most from your talent and from your resources. Use our Excel experts to deliver your business promises.  Wait until you see what work you don’t need to be doing!

Collect. Collate. Explore. Forecast. Automate.


VBA is a programming language within Excel that can automate many of your business practices. We love VBA; it can turn the most difficult & time-consuming tasks into an automated process. Improve the efficiency of your professionals & reduce potential human errors.


Consistency across your business is important to the professionalism you project to your customers: potential and existing. Using Excel to set your company standards means consistency in operating procedures and in company brand.


Accurate graphs and charts can revolutionise your marketing material – as well as empower your sales team. Delivered appropriately, the influence of graphs and charts can reach into the development of your products and services and into the supply chain.


Excel data sheets too large to be useful? We can create pivot tables that recognise and summarise selected columns and rows and summarise these into a report. It is THE most powerful tool in Excel – and one that we can use to drive your company forward.


To make the most of Excel is to use it to make your next moves. Using the functions of Excel you can start to predict the trends for your company – which will then influence you HR policies, your supply chain, your investments in the future.


Most crucially and most simply, successful use of Excel can take the weight of data and lighten your load. We can collect and collate your data into well-constructed, well-designed tables that are easily actionable by your professionals.