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DataGro.IO Consultancy - Data Delivered. DataGro.IO Consultancy is a unique platform that specialises in the provision of fresh, bespoke and targeted data; mainly for the purpose of lead generation and enhancement of B2B marketing campaigns. Our services include Linkedin leads, data scraping, Instant data purchase, telesales data and Excel help.
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Linkedin Leads

Get visible & connected to target prospects & open the door for conversation. We assist with providing up-to-date contact leads for the decision makers that you need to grow your business.

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Data Extraction

Big data is just that - big. There is so much to find in directories, e-Commerce, events and more that most businesses need support extracting and collating the potential leads. We provide all of this data in a concise, ready to use format.

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Excel Solutions

Collect. Collate. Explore. Forecast. Automate. Processes. Business templates. Forecast data. Charts – and more. Excel is the business solution.
We can help you make the most of its power.

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Data Consultancy

Our speciality is understanding how to efficient gather, analyse and use data.

We can guide you through the data journey, analyse what your data tells you and provide you with actions that will lead to sales.

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Telesales Data

Connecting your channels is your ultimate objective. Your social media, your website traffic – matched with your telesales data. Let us help you towards a single customer view with our telesales data.

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Ready To Purchase Data

Want to just get started and know exactly what data you need?Choose from 100's of ready, verified and authenticated lists of data to get your business moving forward.

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