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DataGro.IO Consultancy - Data Delivered. DataGro.IO Consultancy is a unique platform that specialises in the provision of fresh, bespoke and targeted data; mainly for the purpose of lead generation and enhancement of B2B marketing campaigns. Our services include Linkedin leads, data scraping, Instant data purchase, telesales data and Excel help.
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The Thoughts Of A Consumer. The Psychology Behind Different Types of Marketing. The psychology behind different types of marketing is a key thing that marketers need to understand in depth. At its core, marketing is all about getting a message across to the right person, at...

Does Industry Really Think Direct Marketing Dead?   There is a general belief out there, in the marketing ether, that direct mail has been destroyed by the internet. But, is this true? Certainly, marketing channels are more diverse now and it is difficult to deliver a singular voice...

Social Media Marketing Nowadays, a targeted approach to online social media marketing is a must. You cannot simply post social media messages with little consideration for your target audience and what appeals to them. But, how do you put a targeted social media campaign together? What...

Why is email marketing is important     A good email marketing platform allows you to create highly engaging emails, segment users into groups and most importantly track the performance of your email campaigns. There are a plethora of platforms available.  I’ll be looking at – in my opinion...